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When child support is not paid, there is often conflict between the parents regarding custody or visiting rights.

Yet, every adult is obliged to support their child financially as their resources and situation will allow, as the right to food provision is a child's right.

When relationship issues occur in combination with a long distance separating family members, the parent not receiving the aid they are due can find themselves with nowhere to turn.

ISS Switzerland intervenes to ensure that child support is sent as planned between Switzerland and the foreign country or vice versa. We analyse the personal and financial circumstances of the paying parent to better understand the reasons behind non-payment.

We advise parents on socio-legal and administrative matters and make them aware of their responsibilities towards their child.

As with all our activities, our organisation always encourages mediation and dialogue to find amicable solutions which are often less costly and quicker than legal procedure.

Our services
  • Offering socio-legal and administrative information to recover child support money,
  • Encouraging the paying parent to feel responsible for their child and arrange payment,
  • Gathering information on the personal and financial situation of the paying parent,
  • Entering into dialogue with each parent and encouraging an amicable solution,
  • International family mediation.