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When a couple separates, it is important above all to preserve the family bonds which allow the child to flourish.

ISS can intervene to provide information and advice on parental responsibility. We can also assess the situation of a child in Switzerland or elsewhere on behalf of a court or child protection authority and make recommendations regarding the care of the child as to how they can maintain their relationship with the parent who does not have custody and who lives in a different country. We can also assist fathers in acknowledging their paternity or asserting their right to access.

In all cases entrusted to us, we favour family intervention through remote mediation. This method is always quicker, cheaper and less traumatic for families than official procedures, and is often the only way to intervene in countries which have not signed the Hague Convention on Child Abduction.

Our services
  • Social evaluation of a parent in Switerzland and abroad.
  • Re-establishing child-parent contact,
  • Organising visiting rights,
  • International family mediation.