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The statistics show that in Switzerland nearly one in three marriages involve more than one nationality.

And if you take into account those who marry abroad and come to live in our country, the number of couples where the spouses have different nationalities is a great deal higher. These couples tend to be faced with a range of legal, cultural, social and religious challenges. Our expertise in family law and the right of foreigners means we can support these couples in administrative matters.

We listen carefully and offer advice, whether before marriage or as couple set up their lives together. Where the couple's relationship deteriorates, we make a personalised evaluation of the situation and direct them towards marriage counselling, couple therapy or family mediation. With this in mind, the ISS Switzerland has contributed to creating, a website entirely dedicated to couples of dual-nationality and which covers issues in this field.

Advice on:
  • marriage formalities in Switzerland and abroad,
  • Swiss and foreign family law,
  • residency requirements for the foreign spouse in Switzerland and the Swiss spouse abroad,
  • acquiring your spouse’s nationality,
  • living together, acknowledgment and status of children born out of wedlock,
  • your partner's culture, traditions, language, religion,
  • relationships with your respective families and educating your (future) children,
  • having a baby: change and challenges.