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24 April 2017 /
Charter for international family mediation processes
Child Protection

A How to Use sets recommendations for an increased cooperation between administrative and legal authorities and specialised mediation structures.The Charter is a multifaceted document informing authorities, families and professionals on the standards proper to crossborder processes and on the quality they can expect from mediation services.

In addition, the Charter:

  • helps mediators and administrators to structure the mediation processes;
  • serves as a base to develop mediation trainings;
  • sets the groundwork for a global network of qualified international family mediators.

The charter presents 10 core principles for the conduct of cross-border family mediations:

  1. Voluntary participation
  2. Suitability of mediation
  3. Decision-making by the participants
  4. Access to independent legal advice for each participant
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Independence
  7. Impartiality
  8. Consideration of rights and interests of children
  9. Qualifications of mediators
  10. Cultural awareness andsensitivity

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