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09 November 2018 /
Research Handbook on Child Migration
Unaccompanied minors
Child Protection

The scientific publication”Research Handbook on Child Migration” is now available. 

It has been edited by Prof. J. Bhabha (teaching at Harvard and FXB), J. Kanics (Swiss researcher and UNHCR Global Analyst), and Daniel Senovilla Hernandez (Research Fellow CNRS – Migrinter – Uni Poitiers).

A chapter about the child protection systems in West Africa is largely devoted to the WAN. . The article was written by ISS Switzerland (O. Geissler) and ISS WA (A. Lagunju). 

The scope and complexity of child migration have only recently emerged as a critical factor in global migration. This volume assembles for the first time a richly interdisciplinary body of work, drawing on contributions from renowned scholars, eminent practitioners and prominent civil society advocates from across the globe and from a wide range of different mobility contexts. Their invaluable pedagogical tools and research documents demonstrate the urgency and breadth of this important new aspect of international human mobility in our global age.

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